About the Author

Paul Vaughn lives in Mississippi with his wife Sayra and his stepdaughter Vanessa. When he's not writing, Paul can be seen playing golf and watching movies. Dragon Ascendants, the first title in the Luminess Legends series, is Paul's debut novel. There's more danger to come when Tallian's saga continues..

About the Book

Half-elf, half-human, Tallian lives with dwarves and knows little about his birth parents. After his adopted brother runs away, hundreds of shadow bats decimate his village, and Meerkesh, Tallian's adopted father reveals the truth about how he came to live with the dwarves in the Furim Mountains.

Betrayed by the only brother he has ever known, Tallian and the dwarves flee from Fearoc, the evil elf who controls Luminess. Against what seems to be impossible odds, dwarves, elves, dragons, and men unite against Fearoc in hope of freeing Luminess.